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Maria Kaplan

(858) 945-0086

Maria Kaplan has a passion for all elements of design with an enthusiasm for mixing styles, colors, and textures. She enjoys using traditional home décor in unexpected ways while infusing her client’s personality into each space. Maria believes that successful design involves a tremendous amount of communication with her clients and is not just about making a beautiful house, but also about creating a comfortable home. She specializes in residential interiors and has earned a reputation for having an exceptional “eye” and a deep commitment to outstanding personal service. She enjoys exploring new design programs with technology, but also loves a good old-fashioned pencil and graph paper. Maria’s designs encompass


      …well-functioning, spacious rooms,

      …calm, but inspiring palettes,

      …and a “whole-house whole-life” perspective.

Advising clients is not new to Maria whose former careers have taken her from coast to coast as Casting Director, Talent Agent, Director of Advertising at WeddingChannel, elementary school Chorus Director, and avid community volunteer. For over a decade, Maria has successfully bought, redesigned, and sold residential properties and has consulted friends and family on decorating, organizing, color selection, and entertaining in their homes. She has excellent working relationships with contractors, painters, electricians, furniture designers and other local design professionals and uses these relationships to ensure her clients the best possible pricing in their respective specialties. When she's not drafting design boards for her clients, you can find Maria on 1709 driving her children between school,  softball, art, theater, tennis and coding in beautiful Southlake, Texas.

Simple. Affordable. Friendly.

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